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The wild boar dirt run – Salzburg 2017

The weather cold and wet. Conditions unfavorable. The challenge a real challenge. But none of that could stop the Phantom Athletics team in another series of Wildsau Dirtrun in a cement works near Salzburg.
Already in the morning it became apparent that the weather gods would not be kind to us. A drop in temperature and gusty rain predestined the day for Netflix & chill rather than dirt & hustle. But not for us. According to the motto: If it get's tough, be tougher, we climbed onto the starting blocks with groundbreaking enthusiasm and "rocket mode" motivation. As soon as the starting signal had been given, the wild beast rushed forward eagerly from its cage.


12°C, rain and lots of mud…

After just a few meters, it was all up to the tip of the hair into the pool of water and as the race progressed, diving was a discipline that was often required. A number of army trucks were then allowed to be "crawled under". Here, too, it was “down in the dirt”. There was definitely no lack of mud that day. Due to the constant rain, everything the organizers put in our way as obstacles for this "dirt run" became a bit "muddier". Be it the downhill slide into a mud pit, up a never-ending slope through streams and dirt, down the gravel mountains (and then up again, of course). But none of that and more couldn't stop us.


Team Phantom Athletics clears…

Covered in mud from head to toe, we rocked the race and outperformed the competition in Phantom Athletics finest fashion. Our girls around Tina Schiffer, Sabrina Herzog and Sophie Pillem secured the first three places on the women's podium. And Michael Planitzer, who was only recognizable as a vague outline in the distance after the starting gun and was no longer recognizable very quickly, won the race with a breathtaking time of 1:35:03, far out of the competition. Our athlete Florian Marchl missed third place by just under 29 seconds because he had pulled another participant out of the mud pit who was no longer able to free himself. So much self-sacrifice should actually be rewarded as well.

Nevertheless, even though the elements were against us, it didn't spoil our good mood that day, on the contrary, it just pushed it even more. We also kept our place as the best team in this installment of the Wildsau Dirtrun series. All in all a complete success. With this in mind, we are already looking forward to the last Wildsau Dirtrun race of this year, in which we want to defend our title once again.


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