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Punching bags, punching balls & punching balls for your training

A good punching bag is a training device filled with sand or water to improve your martial arts and fitness level. Punching bags are available in every martial arts club and gym, but they are also an ideal training tool for your home gym. Getting fit and improving your boxing skills at home has never been easier. The sacks can be easily hung in the garage, basement, attic, or wherever you have enough headroom and a stable ceiling.

Different punching bag models

In our martial arts shop you will find different models of punching bags, for every purpose and every taste. They differ in weight, length, filling and the materials used. 
However, all models have in common that they are very high quality and durable and are therefore suitable for both beginners and professionals. 
It doesn't matter whether you use your Phantom punching bag once a week or several times a day in your martial arts school... the sandbags from Phantom promise a long training experience.

Punching balls: aqua bags / water bags / punching balls

  • Unique feel
  • rubber outer skin
  • Boxing pear filled with water
  • Training with gloves
  • Suitable for professors

An absolute highlight from our range of punching bags are definitely our so-called "HYDRO Bags", such as the Punching bag Hydro. This boxing ball or punching ball is often also called "Aqua Bag" or "Water Bag". These are new, specially developed punching bags in the shape of a pear, which consist of a rubber outer skin and are filled with water. This gives you a unique feel, which was previously unknown from conventional sandbags or punching balls.

You simply use a garden hose and the enclosed accessories to fill it. The Phantom Athletics HYDRO Bag can be easily filled with water and hung up anywhere. 
Due to the rubbery cover, the HYDRO bags are definitely recommended boxing gloves or MMA gloves to edit. Unfortunately, they are not really suitable for kicks. Our Aqua Bags is available in 3 sizes with different weights, so that there is something for every martial artist.

Punching bags: heavy bags / high performance sandbag

  • Top-class sandbag training
  • Ultra tear-resistant material
  • Completely filled with material
  • Training without gloves
  • Suitable for professionals & beginners

Ours has been a classic for years and is used by thousands in gyms all over Europe "high performance" punching bag. Made of ultra-tear-resistant materials, it guarantees you years of wear sandbag training of the top classes. The highly durable material is pleasant to work with and is also suitable for training without gloves as well as for kicks, elbows and knees.

The high performance punching bags are available in different lengths and have different weights. This makes them suitable for beginners as well as professionals and for a variety of martial arts such as Mma, muay thai, kickboxing, boxing and many more.

They come fully stuffed and complete with chain and carabiner. All you need is a hook or something similar to attach the sandbag to the ceiling. 

Unfilled punching bags at Phantom Athletics

  • Top-class sandbag training
  • Ultra tear-resistant material
  • Sack is empty and can be filled by yourself
  • Training without gloves
  • Suitable for professionals & beginners

For all martial artists who would like to fill their punching bag themselves, we also offer our high-performance punching bag without filling. It has the same high quality features as our filled model, but comes completely empty. This gives you the opportunity to determine your filling, and thus hardness and weight, yourself. In addition, your package, which you receive from us, is lighter.


What are punching bags used for in martial arts?

Punching bags are a great way to

  • to train his punching power and speed,
  • learn the footwork and movements in martial arts correctly and
  • to be able to train alone if no training partner is available. 

What types of punching bags does Phantom Athletics offer?

Phantom offers you different punching bags for every purpose.

For which sports are the punching bags from Phantom suitable?

Our punching bags are basically suitable for all martial arts that involve punching power and speed. These include MMA, Thai boxing, kick boxing, Krav Maga, classic boxing, K1 and many more.

How do I properly care for my punching bag?

A punching bag is very easy care training device. It is enough if this is wiped off from time to time to free it from sweat and dust.

How do I assemble the punching bag correctly?

All of our punching bags come with the necessary Accesories to hang them, such as chain, rope and carabiner. What you still need is a wall or ceiling mount, as well as screws or dowels. Since these vary from wall to wall, we do not supply them. When installing, ensure that the ceiling or wall is sufficiently strong so that it can bear the weight and load.