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Meet the athlete: Fabio Guglielmini

From here it becomes a machine. Because this man is not one to slow down or take a break. Starting out as a skier, the Swiss-based Brazilian pushes his limits and beyond every day, always striving to keep moving forward. In this interview, he tells you how this came about and what experiences he had with the Phantom training mask.

Are you sporty very ambivalent? How did it come about and where are your beginnings?

Fabio Guglielmini: My adoptive father is a ski coach, which is why I got into skiing. I started skiing when I was 2 years old and started racing when I was 7. I also played tennis and ice hockey on the side, but that was more for fun. I also rode my bike a lot, but all this to be optimally trained for skiing. Even if someone asked me what kind of sport I do, I always answered "skiing". That's what I identify with.

How did it go from there?

Fabio Guglielmini: I was very successful in skiing, won almost every race and soon made it into the top 5 in Switzerland.

What would you consider your greatest achievement so far?

Fabio Guglielmini: That's difficult, because there was always the opportunity for me to achieve really great successes. B. already qualified for Vancouver, as well as Sochi, but fell out both times shortly beforehand due to injury.

Right now I don't have anything that I would truly call my greatest achievement. But that's not so tragic, I'm preparing for the future.


Is there anything that you would call your biggest mistake?

Fabio Guglielmini: I haven't had an easy life so far. When you celebrate success after success, it's easy for people to get jealous and begrudge you that.

Where I grew up, there is more mathematical thinking, like this: You go to school, do an apprenticeship or something similar, then find some middle-class job, start a family and so on. But you never really get anywhere. Especially when I was at school, I struggled enormously because I was often absent for several months due to ski training. Although I didn't have any gaps because I taught myself the material, despite everything, people often tried to slow me down and put obstacles in my way.

How did you get through this time?

Fabio Guglielmini: That's my strength. I don't give up, ever. Because I know for myself that I have the strength and patience to reach my goals sooner or later.

People envied my talents, I'm an athlete, a businessman, speak six languages, play several instruments, and they tried to prevent me from realizing my plans.

My intention has always been to help anyone who needs my support, be it a little boy or an old man. But I didn't let that dissuade me either.

I've always worked hard. At the age of 8 I was tending cows in the mountains and helping to make cheese, later I supplemented my pocket money with unskilled work chopping wood, then I was a helicopter pilot with the Swiss Air Force.

II work quietly, every day, and don't care what people say. Because I know I will achieve my goals. I've always believed in that, and I still do now.

Were you born in Brazil? How did you come to Switzerland?

Fabio Guglielmini: I was an orphan and grew up in a favela, then I was put in an orphanage. From there my mother adopted me. That's how I came here.

In addition to skiing, do you also have a passion for weightlifting, especially extremely heavy weights?

Fabio Guglielmini: Here, too, I started young, mainly to support my skiing skills.

When I was about 10 years old, I started practicing all the technical things with a broomstick in our garden under the guidance of my father. At the age of 14 I was allowed to use a barbell with a 4kg plate weight for the first time and finally got into real weight training from the age of 16. There is a nice story about that. When my father took me to the gym for the first time and I did deadlifts there with 120kg. Everyone asked what kind of sport I would do, surely weightlifting or something. I replied: "No, I'm a skier."

Also, do you often do calisthenics and the like?

Fabio Guglielmini: I also came to this indirectly through skiing. In the training of the racing team, we train a lot of strength, endurance, balance and other factors, also in the form of calisthenics.

I also love any kind of freestyle. And I love doing big, wide jumps, not just on skis or snowboards. If you can jump with something, I do it. That's one of the reasons why I like horseback riding.



How many times a week do you train?

Fabio Guglielmini: I usually train six days a week for four to six hours. But it doesn't feel like something I have to do to me, it's more of a habit.

Do you have a strategy to motivate yourself?

Fabio Guglielmini:As I said, training is part of my normal daily routine, so I don't have to motivate myself to do it explicitly. In order for this to be maintained, however, I have to continue to enjoy it. That's why I do new exercises every day, I never train exactly the same way. Also, I try to target the whole body every day in all possible ways, from endurance or strength to speed and balance, I don't leave anything out.

Otherwise: music. I always need music in training. Headphones in and I'm completely in my world. She is the fuel behind each of my workouts.

What goals do you have for yourself?

Fabio Guglielmini: In terms of sport, I'm currently preparing for the next World Cup. On a personal level, I don't have any specific goals right now. At the moment I feel extremely good, really powerful, which is very pleasant. Otherwise to keep pushing my limits.

Do you have any other hobbies besides sport?

Fabio Guglielmini:Although the high level of training leaves less time for other things, I like to go fishing, play an instrument, or take care of my younger brother, who has a mental disability, when I can arrange it. I also like to help the people around me. This is also something in which a certain fulfillment can be found. Right now I'm coaching a soccer team of 12-year-old boys in our local area.


You also took part in "Italia got talents"?

Fabio Guglielmini: Yes, this show was great fun and I got quite far, but couldn't compete in the finals because that was when I started my compulsory military service.

How did you find out about the Phantom training mask?

Fabio Guglielmini: I already owned a training mask, but not from Phantom Athletics , which broke after a short time. Since I wasn't willing to spend money again on something that I can throw in the garbage after a very short time, I did some research on the Internet and came across the Phantom training mask. I ordered these pretty soon.

How was your first training session with it?

Fabio Guglielmini: We were training on the ski slopes with the racing team, and the Phantom training mask then had its first use for me.

How have you been?

Fabio Guglielmini: I jumped straight into 4 and it was just amazing as she pushed me to the limits straight away. In addition, it didn't bother me in the slightest under the ski helmet, that was awesome. It was also great how intensively I could feel my breath. I was also amazed at how light and handy it was compared to the previous mask.

What kind of training do you use them for?

Fabio Guglielmini: For all that, there is actually almost no workout where I don't wear them. Be it crossfit endurance sessions, cycling, weight training, anything.

your favorite workout?

Fabio Guglielmini: It's hard to say, because each type of training has its own appeal for me. However, if I had to pick one, I would say cycling. Weightlifting with the Phantom training mask is also good, but nothing compared to 100km bike sessions.



What was your most "extreme" experience with the Phantom Training Mask?

Fabio Guglielmini: When I switched my training to high sets of at least 30 reps. There it came, especially in later sentences with weights around 175kg thought: "Pretty tough." But that's great. I love fighting my way through it, mentally too.

What is your advice to anyone who thinks the Phantom training mask is useless?

Fabio Guglielmini: Well, I'm an example that it works. For the FIS races I have to do a cardio test every year. Although I was already in a good position back then, since I've been training with the mask, the results have skyrocketed.

The "best" comment you've heard about the Phantom Training Mask?

Fabio Guglielmini: Hannibal Lecter

For me, the Phantom training mask is...

Fabio Guglielmini: a friend you just got together with. I can't go anywhere without her without immediately missing her.

If I don't train with it, which is rather rare, I immediately ask myself whether the workout wouldn't have been much better with it. It's like skiing without a helmet. I was brought up to wear it all the time, I can't go on the slopes without it. It is the same with the Phantom training mask. That's why I always have them with me in my backpack.



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