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Phantom sports #2: bodyweight-hiit

Welcome to another issue of the Phantom Sports series, which will regularly explain one sport to you in more detail with regard to the advantages of using the Phantom Trainingmask. As a 'special feature' at the end of each article you will find interviews with our Phantom Athletes of the corresponding sport, who will tell you about their individual story with the Phantom Trainingmask and their experiences, what advantages they have achieved and let you in on it or benefit from other training tips.

Enough of the introductory words: Let's get started...

This time we take a closer look at bodyweight HII training. HIIT is characterized by comparatively short but high-intensity intervals (HIIT = high-intensity interval training). This also distinguishes it from training concepts such as LISS (low-intensity steady state) in which the load is carried out at a low intensity level, but over a much longer period of time.

The inventor of HIIT is the long-distance runner Emil Zatopek, who, despite his extremely uneconomical running style, was many times superior to his competitors. In the meantime, HIIT has long been an established training concept in a wide variety of sports to achieve optimal performance capacity, from cycling, swimming or rowing to sport climbing.

Depending on the level, this training method can be used to improve strength or speed endurance, lactate tolerance, its clearing, VO2max, as well as coordination and the "mental threshold".

Also, due to its time-saving yet highly effective nature, it has become extremely popular as a method of achieving perfect all-around fitness, especially today. This is where the combination with bodyweight training, i.e. the use of only your own body weight as training resistance, comes into play. According to the motto "Use what you have", you can effectively improve your own fitness at any time practically anywhere, be it at home, during the lunch break, between two appointments in the office. In this way, a locality of the training, such as a climbing hall or the need for certain equipment is avoided. Especially companies like Freeletics have gained extreme popularity worldwide with workout programs that are based on a combination of HIIT and bodyweight training. To make the whole thing even more challenging, the workouts here should be completed in as little time as possible.



The Phantom training mask in HIIT bodyweight training

Our Phantom training mask can support you in many different ways and help you achieve your goals.

Especially at high intensities, most people tend to gasp, which quickly results in a complete loss of performance. By training the respiratory muscles, they become more efficient and economical, so that on the one hand they need less of the inhaled oxygen and as a result more of it reaches the stressed muscles. The lung capacity used is also increased by strengthening the respiratory muscle system and deeper breathing is trained on a psychophysical level. This can prevent hyperventilation and gasping. The degree of stress on the performance muscles also increases with the higher oxygen availability.

Another point where the Phantom training mask offers advantages is the aerobic-anaerobic threshold, lactate tolerance and lactate clearing. Especially with HIIT bodyweight training, the body quickly reaches a point where the energy supply can no longer be guaranteed via oxidation with the help of the oxygen taken in. It gains the energy it needs for performance from lactate fermentation. The disadvantage here, however, is that the pH value of the muscle quickly becomes so acidic that, in order to avoid tissue damage, performance is forced to stop. Training with the Phantom training mask can be used to delay reaching this threshold due to the improved supply of oxygen and to increase the maximum lactate level that the body can tolerate. In addition, the lactate is broken down more effectively during the stress breaks, which means that these can be kept shorter and the subsequent stress is carried out with a higher performance capacity due to the improved degree of partial recovery.



Many athletes also report that the Phantom training mask has significantly improved their mental strength and willpower. With HIIT, "persevering" on a psychological level can be a performance-determining factor, which becomes even more important with increasing intensity. The objective perception of exertion can also be reduced, which means that higher levels of intensity can be completed more easily.

Likewise, with the Phantom training mask, completely new requirements can be set and each workout additionally intensified. This can be particularly interesting for athletes who, due to an already extremely high training level, are no longer sufficiently challenged by their previous workouts and who, for example, can easily put up with "Dione" or "Kronos", in the strength version, of course. Without having to change your training, you can make it challenging and effective again. The Phantom training mask is also suitable for ambitious athletes who are just starting out but still want to achieve success quickly, as the more intensive training increases its effectiveness even further.

Also because of its high functionality, the Phantom training mask is ideal for bodyweight HIIT. Due to its extremely low weight, it does not interfere with the exercises, and the patented sleeve prevents any slipping and always keeps it in the right place.

A workout interruption to regulate the intensity is also not necessary. The intensity level can be adjusted at any time using the slider, even during the exercise flow, so that no valuable time is lost and you can continue to push yourself to the limit and beyond.

This to the facts, let's let life speak, so to speak.

In the following interviews, you'll hear the stories of our Phantom Athletes first-hand. Let them inspire and motivate you and write your own.

If you also want to improve your breathing in order to drive your body to peak athletic performance, you should take a look at our Phantom training mask!



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