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Benefits of the Phantom Training Mask

You don't have to be a professional athlete or push your limits every day as an ambitious hobby athlete. Perhaps you are just starting out, preparing for larger tasks, or simply want to intensify your training. The simple answer to how you can reach your goals even faster and better is called " Phantom training mask". This special training device won the ISPO Award in the Health & Fitness category last year and rightly so.

In order to give you a better insight into the numerous advantages of the mask, we would like to introduce you to some of them below.

On not off

With the phantom training mask, your breathing muscles are primarily trained. The body does not get less air through the mask, it just becomes more strenuous for the body to absorb it. Exhalation, on the other hand, is not specially regulated, so that the "bad" air simply escapes without any problems and cannot be breathed in again.

Furthermore, the special design of the mask on both the inside and the outside ensures that the harmful CO2 cannot accumulate anywhere and penetrate back into the body.

Uninterrupted hold

By choosing the right size and the great fit of the medical silicone piece (of course allergy-free), the Phantom training mask adapts perfectly to every face shape and ensures no disabilities in everyday training for optimal success in every training session.

Perfect hold and stability

Fixed by our specially developed sleeve, which can be easily opened and closed, you will not have a handicap through the mask even in the most strenuous and sweaty moments. Above all, the special material of the sleeves allows the mask to get used to the shape of your head perfectly and to nestle better and better on your head from training to training.

total freedom

"During development, it was particularly important for us to give the athlete the feeling that they are not wearing the mask." – Dominique Wenger, CEO Phantom Athletics and co-developer.

And we made it. Thanks to the perfect fit, the non-slip material and the low weight of the mask, after a while you will completely forget that you are actually wearing the mask. The Phantom training mask is lightweight, comfortable to wear and allows you to work out without restrictions.

Individual customization

The specially developed Phantom Regulation System (PRS) allows you to determine how intense your training should be thanks to the adjustable levels. And if you have chosen a level that is too high, you can change it in no time at all by simply moving the lever. No more unnecessary breaks, no standing still and no more full training bags.

Easy care

The Phantom training mask is very easy to disassemble and clean. While the sleeve can easily be washed with the laundry, warm water and thorough drying is sufficient for the rest of the mask. After that, the Phantom training mask can be reassembled and used in the next training session.

If you too want to improve your physical and mental abilities in order to push your body to peak athletic performance, you should take a look at our Phantom training mask!


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