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respiratory muscles training

Respiratory muscle training is a technique designed to improve the function of the respiratory muscles with specific exercises. It consists of breathing exercises and other techniques that increase the endurance and strength of the airway muscles. As a result, this type of training helps improve and ease breathing.

Typically, this workout is recommended for people with breathing issues such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, or emphysema. However, various studies have also identified advantages for healthy athletes who practice respiratory muscle training - and for this reason this type of training is now used worldwide by athletes in a wide variety of sports.

The basics of respiratory muscle training

The respiratory muscle training is based on a mechanism that can be summarized in three points.

  1. Optimizing blood flow

  2. Attenuation of central fatigue

  3. Reduction of peripheral airway effort

The benefits of respiratory muscle training

Some studies have shown that respiratory muscle training has a variety of benefits. Both healthy athletes and those with respiratory problems report the following benefits from respiratory muscle training.

  • Good body reaction

The body responds to AMT by adapting to the added stressor and attempting to reinforce the respiratory system to better cope with the new challenge.

There can also be very beneficial metabolic responses such as airway muscle fatigue, lactate fluctuation, oxygen uptake kinetics, breathing patterns and heart rate.

  • Structural and functional customization

The respiratory musculature reacts exactly like the skeletal musculature to training stimuli. As a result, adaptation reactions are triggered with regard to the function and structure of the muscles.

Structural Adaptation – the muscle changes and exhibits increased thickness.

Functional adjustment – ​​there are dramatic improvements in exhalation, inhalation peaks, speed, strength, power, and peak inhalation and endurance performance.

  • performance improvement

The adaptation of the musculature as well as the improvement of the functionality of these and their increase in efficiency result in an increase in the athletic performance of athletes who practice respiratory musculature training.

How the Phantom Training Mask helps with respiratory muscle training

With the training mask from Phantom you and your respiratory muscles are offered a completely different experience during training. Breathing is the be-all and end-all of every person and athlete, but we often pay too little attention to it. This changes with the Phantom Training Mask. It puts your breathing at the center of your training so you can work on it to overcome both mental and physical barriers to your breathing. The Phantom training mask is the perfect tool for this, because you can use it to address your breathing muscles directly

Strengthen the respiratory muscles

With the Phantom training mask you can strengthen your respiratory muscles (especially the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm) by breathing against a generated resistance. Because of this resistance, your muscles have to work harder to get air into your body. This extra effort makes your breathing muscles stronger, allowing them to work longer and more efficiently. In addition, with the Phantom training mask you can adjust the resistance during training using a patented system, so that you never have to interrupt your workout.

Condition Booster

The Phantom training mask is your personal condition booster, because you will improve both your strength and endurance with it. Your stressed respiratory muscles are forced to work at a higher level of performance. Conversely, this will make you a fitter, faster and stronger athlete.

Promotion of mental and physical performance

Your concentration is placed on your breathing with the Phantom training mask. Focusing on breathing brings a whole new aspect to your sport that may have been neglected until now. There is enormous potential for improvement here, which you can exploit with the Phantom training mask. In this way you can increase not only your physical but also your mental fitness. As you can see, the Phantom training mask can be of great help in your sports life in many ways.



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