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The Phantom training mask - A training device for every sport?

When athletes hear about the Phantom training mask for the first time, the question often arises: "I would be interested, but is it something for my sport? Can I also benefit from this in my discipline?” The answer to this is usually “Yes!”

The Phantom training mask can be used in almost every sport and every workout.

First of all, this is the simple fact. However, in each sport, training with the Phantom training mask results in specific, different areas of application and adaptation processes. Furthermore, some fields of application of the Phantom training mask lie outside the usual sporting performance range, which is why it makes sense to take a closer look at the background.

The only area of ​​application where training with the Phantom training mask makes no sense is in the water. A distinction must also be made here: For example, water polo players have already successfully used the Phantom training mask, since in this sport the head and thus the mask mainly remain above water. However, the mask must not fill up with water (which would be the case with conventional swimming), as it would be difficult for the water to leave the mask and breathing would therefore not be possible.

Otherwise, however, there is a fairly wide range of applications, which is presented in more detail below. And even if the swimming pool is not necessarily a good environment for the use of the Phantom training mask, swimmers can also benefit from it. More on this later.

The Phantom training mask in various sports

endurance sports

Be it road cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, rowing or long-distance running. In each of these disciplines, as well as in other endurance sports, the Phantom training mask can be used effectively to quickly increase performance.

In particular, the economization of the breathing processes, which reduces the total energy requirement of the stressed muscles, as well as the increased use of lung volume and the resulting increase in available oxygen mean that endurance performance can be achieved over a longer period of time.

You can also benefit from the improved lactate conversion, so that fatigue occurs later. Here you can also see why training with the Phantom training mask (outside the pool) can also be advantageous in swimming, especially since improved breathing or breathing technique can mean a decisive advantage over the competition in this sport.



Furthermore, with the help of the Phantom training mask, the psychophysical fatigability is also trained, and the objective perception of exertion also increases. Another sport that benefits from this effect in particular is biathlon, where the endurance component is combined with the high mental demands of shooting, since less mental fatigue enables better concentration.

power sports

High-speed athletes, such as sprinters, can derive various benefits from mask training. On the one hand, acidosis and thus an immediate drop in performance can be delayed due to the increased available oxygen and economized breathing. On the other hand, high intensities can be maintained for longer thanks to the mental training offered by the Phantom training mask.



weight training

Even if a connection between weight training such as strongman or Olympic lifting and breathing processes is not immediately apparent at first glance, it still plays an essential role in these disciplines. Especially with extremely high weight loads, improper breathing leads to immediate acidosis and loss of strength.

Furthermore, it can be assumed that the cell tension is increased by training the respiratory muscles with the Phantom training mask, which enables an improved pump effect and increased power output.

But you don't have to lift 200kg or more for training with the Phantom training mask to make sense. There are also a number of advantages for “regular” gym goers. This can be summed up by the fact that the combination of increased fatigability and a lower subjective perception of exertion means that training can take place over a longer period of time with higher intensity (weight, number of repetitions, sets, etc.), which maximizes the training effect. Furthermore, the improved lactate conversion enables an increased regeneration capacity in the longer term, which means that you are fit for your next workout more quickly.



martial arts

Breathing plays an essential role in martial arts in particular and can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Economized breathing and, as a result, increased stamina or less fatigue lead to the fact that you can hold out longer in a fight, and as a result can effectively perform better than your opponent. This means increased punching power and better speed, but also increased concentration, which is often decisive in the fight, especially in later rounds.

The increased mental resistance also opens up another advantage over the opponent. An increased utilization of the lung volume also results in a larger amount of available oxygen, which can be used for explosive movements. Or to put it another way: "The better you breathe, the harder you hit!"



game sports

Even in common sports such as handball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, rugby, American football, etc., which combine longer endurance performances with sudden demands for speed and explosive strength, one's own performance can be increased via the effects mentioned. In particular, fast stop-start movements and abrupt changes in direction often lead to a rapid build-up of lactate, which can be better compensated for by regular training with the Phantom training mask.




Another sport that thrives on the benefits of the Phantom Training Mask is Crossfit. Thanks to the increased endurance even under high-intensity exercise, a higher anaerobic lactate threshold and improved lactate clearing, performance can be achieved significantly faster, especially in conditioning and in WoDs. Due to the reduced objective perception of stress, a high stress intensity can be maintained better and with more concentration. This can be extremely helpful, especially in later rounds of sets when it comes to giving everything again. The economized and more regulated breathing technique also avoids hyperventilation under exertion, which could otherwise induce a drop in performance.




Here, too, a connection with the breathing processes is not immediately apparent. However, disciplines such as motocross and car and motorcycle racing also benefit from respiratory muscle training. Among other things, the improved resistance to fatigue is an important factor here, since these disciplines require concentration like hardly any other sport. Likewise, in motocross, where hard impact effects often have to be processed, fatigue can quickly occur. With the help of the Phantom training mask, the range up to this point can be effectively increased by increasing endurance capacity.



extreme sports

Sports such as kitesurfing, wingsuit flying, freeskiing, surfing and others challenge the body like no other discipline at all levels. Increased stamina and improved fatigability, mentally and physically, also enable better athletic performance.

Other possible uses of the Phantom training mask

The Phantom training mask can also be used to increase performance outside of sports. Training with the Phantom training mask can be helpful, especially for all those who work in jobs that require all-round physical fitness, such as the police, military or fire brigade, in order to reach the next level. We have already received the first positive reviews from firefighters who have been able to improve their time in fire brigade fitness by training with the Phantom training mask, where various obstacle courses have to be completed in full equipment. In action, this means valuable seconds that can make the difference between life and death.



"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war."

- Hyman Rickover US Navy Admiral (1900-1986)

If you too want to improve your physical and mental abilities in order to push your body to peak athletic performance, you should take a look at our Phantom training mask!


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