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Meet the athlete: Dominic Berger aka. Dangerletix

Attention, it will be dangerous. At least in name. But Dominic Berger aka 'Dangerletix' likes it otherwise, well, a little more "extreme".

After his sporting beginnings were in football, he was already a triathlete, crossfitter, Freeletics "maniac", in this function also ambassador for Salzburg and is always chasing the next challenge, always looking for another way to find out how he says "to get to know me even better".

When he's not working at the Salzburg airport fire brigade (although you can find him here in every free minute, especially in the weight room), he likes to run up the mountains on touring skis, windsurfs or motivates others as a personal trainer, really everything out of himself get out. Of course, he actively participates in every exercise during the workout, as a kind of "bonus" training.

But let's let him speak for himself, this is Domi... Sorry, 'Dangerletix'.

Did you start with football, later also on a semi-professional level?

Dominic Berger: Yes, soccer was something I did from an early age, so it was my first contact with the sport itself. That went on until I was 25. But then the point came when it no longer gave me the challenging incentive that I always need in sports, which is why I looked around for something new.

So that's how you got into triathlon?

Dominic Berger: One day I watched the Mondsee Triathlon, thought to myself: "I can do that too!" and started to train. After a year I then took part in the same over the Olympic distance and completed it in 2:20h. Triathlon was then something I did intensively for the next three years, mainly over the Olympic distance, a few times also the sprint distance. Well, and then something new had to be done, a new incentive against which to measure yourself.

And this was...?

Dominic Berger: Freeletics. That was just the time when it became really popular with us. And since I was looking for something new anyway, I thought to myself: "Give it a try." So I did it, regularly 4 times a week. At some point the company asked me if I would be interested in becoming a Freeletics ambassador for Salzburg. Again: Why not? I also incorporate many of these concepts and exercises into my training sessions as a personal trainer.

Another hobby of yours is Crossfit, how did that come about?

Dominic Berger: Crossfit and Freeletics are very similar to some extent, especially when it comes to their high-intensity character. And when Freeletics didn't quite give me the kick anymore, I tried this sport, initially alongside Freeletics, but very quickly as another opportunity to explore my potential and push myself. I also take part in a few contests from time to time, and I've already been able to secure the winner's place.


Otherwise, do you still do windsurfing?

Dominic Berger: This is also a huge hobby of mine. Above all, the spirit that this sport conveys, so to speak, as a balance to all the other things. Windsurfing is something where I can switch off completely, I always get into a real flow. Since recently I've also been a sporting manager at Lakesurfers Salzburg.

Another of these recreational sports for me is ski touring. Up the mountains with a few good buddies in winter, just great.


How do you combine work and sport?

Dominic Berger: I work at Salzburg Airport, fire brigade and building services, so I train before and after my shifts. However, we recently got a small weight room, so now also in between.


Are you also a personal trainer?

Dominic Berger: So I turned my hobby into my job. To motivate others, to convey this spirit of sport to them and to help them achieve their goals. There is hardly anything better.

What do you hear from you in training when you want to give up?

Dominic Berger: Sometimes I give you a verbal kick in the ass, I'll yell at you if it's the case: "Go faster. Not so lazy!!!”. Well, I'm not that bad, but there's some bootcamp style involved. It's called "Dangerletix" for a reason. People want that too, to be motivated and pushed like that. The group is quite familiar, so that everyone can train in a pleasant atmosphere and overcome their limits. I've been using the Phantom training mask for some time, especially for the more advanced.

What has been your personal greatest success so far?

Dominic Berger: Hard to say. It's always very situational, because every moment has its own beauty. I mean, of course it was super cool to win the starting wave at the Spartan Race, but the first triathlon was also incredible. Just like going up the Untersberg on touring skis in less than 12 hours or a good day of surfing. You cant say it like that. I just try to make the most of the moment as intensely as possible. Always look ahead, never back.

Still, is there anything that you would call your greatest failure?

Dominic Berger: I broke my wrist a bit inconveniently once. That was stupid, on the one hand because of course I couldn't train properly until it had healed. The worst, however, was that I wasn't allowed to windsurf for about 1 ½ years. Unfortunately, he never got 100% fit again, but you have to come to terms with that. If I do the push-ups on my fists, it's more strenuous. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger and helps me move forward.

Your motto and attitude towards you, as well as your goals?

Dominic Berger: Take each day as it comes and 'Unleash your potential!' Otherwise be open, honest and direct. If someone doesn't get along with me or I don't get along with them, that doesn't have to be the case either. I'm not someone who pretends to be different than what I actually am.

How did you find out about the Phantom training mask?

Dominic Berger: I had been following the whole thing for a long time and was interested, then I was called for an endurance study with the Phantom training mask, so of course I signed up immediately.


What were your first thoughts when you held it in your hand?

Dominic Berger: Very cool, now it's mine. I don't give them more. Really, it was love at first sight. Then I went straight to CrossFit to try them out.

Do you remember your first training as follows?

Dominic Berger: The first running units to get used to it were quite easy, but that changed quickly when it came to the interval runs. I thought again and again: "Now I'll spit into the mask." Although that was also something that settled down after a short period of regular training. Otherwise, I didn't have anything like a feeling of anxiety or anything like that. The mask is super light, so I hardly felt it at all. Besides, I was already used to having something in front of my face when I was in the fire brigade.

What happened after the study?

Dominic Berger: First of all, I was glad that the running sessions were over. Admittedly, I don't particularly like running. Otherwise, the study was a great experience for me.

The hammer was, however, when I got the results of the final test. I was told during the initial test that I was already in an extremely good range in terms of performance due to my entire sporting past. By training with the Phantom training mask, I not only increased my VO2max from 55 to 60.5, despite the already very good initial values. I was also able to maximize my usable lung volume to 5.90, which corresponds to 113% of the target value and, all in all, achieve even higher performance than I already had. It was a great feeling to have it confirmed in black and white. And I finally had MY mask.

Your favorite exercises with the mask?

Dominic Berger: I prefer to use the mask for Crossfit. A recent Crossfit contest at the box where I train was about doing the Murph workout (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run) complete as soon as possible. I finished first with a time of 40 minutes. Only with the Phantom training mask. Although I also like to use it at Freeletics. When I think about it, actually in every sport. I can no longer imagine life without her. Ok, I haven't worn them while windsurfing...


What was your "hardest" experience?

Dominic Berger: As I said, the first interval runs were extremely hard for me. Otherwise, I think that was recently at Crossfit. First a lot of sled pulls and pushes, then deadlifts until nothing worked anymore. That was quite... intense.

The Phantom training mask is for me...?

Dominic Berger: ...a new challenge with every training session. I'm always happy to fight against them.

How many times a week do you train with the Phantom training mask?

Dominic Berger: I use them in each of my training sessions, so every day. Of course, I can't put them on during personal training, otherwise nobody will understand me when I tell them to step on the gas.

What's your tip for increasing intensity?

Dominic Berger: If a level seems too hard at first, it can be helpful to approach it with intervals, or to settle down with a less intensive load, e.g. B. Getting used to weight training. It also helps to catch your breath briefly on 1 and then switch back up. Otherwise: bite! A big part to overcome is mental.

A phrase that is characteristic of you?

Dominic Berger: "I'm the coach! To save time, let's just assume I'm always RIGHT!"

You say you're always looking for a way to get to know yourself better. What exactly do you mean by that?

Dominic Berger: On the one hand, to exploit life in all its facets. I now know my limits and potential quite well due to the various sports, but I want to know what is still possible and how far I can still go.

How does the Phantom Training Mask help you?

Dominic Berger: The mask sets completely new limits, also from a completely different direction. The psychological requirements and the mental training of the will are also absolutely unique. It's a thrill every time you can bring yourself not to downshift or take it off entirely, but to get over it, over the pretense that you're running out of breath. Because she doesn't. And it's extremely rewarding to struggle through.


What overall improvements do you experience with the Phantom training mask in sports and everyday life?

Dominic Berger: I became even stronger mentally and was able to push my limits up again. I've become more self-confident, I know what I can do if I want it and persevere. In addition, of course, an extreme improvement in condition, on top of what was already there before. I notice this particularly intensively in CrossFit. And now I can take a deep breath if something bothers me.

What was the "best" comment you heard regarding the Phantom Training Mask?

Dominic Berger: Of course the standard: "Darth Vader". And: shake your head, show a bird, "It suits you."

What would you say to someone who thinks the mask is pointless?

Dominic Berger: If you don't try it, you can't know. You should test it yourself first and then make your judgement.

Have you already planned your next sporting goal with the Phantom training mask?

Dominic Berger: To train even harder and more intensively with it. And who knows, maybe a triathlon again next year. With mask.


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